Music Video

For the past 4 weeks me and my friend Lauren Jones have been creating and making a house music video for an up and coming music producer Jagon Edge. From creating this it has made me realise how much I enjoy being a part of these types of projects as you can be as simple or as detailed as you like and there aren’t many codes and conventions you have to stick to. I saw this as an opportunity to show off my creative mind and I didn’t want to hold back. In the end we have together created a fun and exciting music video with slow motion paint fights, glitter fights, time lapses of Birmingham city etc. Please go give it a little watch on my YouTube channel and i’d love to know what you think if you have any feedback as it is my very first music video! Enjoy 🙂


New York

On the 17th of February 2015 me and 59 other students from the Birmingham Ormiston Academy embarked on a journey flying 2994 nautical miles around the other side of the world to the city of dreams, New York. This once in a lifetime opportunity was the most thrilling and amazing 4 days of my life. From taking in the stunning night views on top of the Empire State building to cruising across the icy Hudson river and seeing the beautiful Statue of Liberty. The amount of memorise I made and new things I experienced would take hours and hours to to tell you about so instead I did what I enjoy the most and made a video. Enjoy, and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos in the future!

An interview with Amika Barnett

At Free Radio Live 2014 a select amount of students were chosen to perform on an outside stage during the day whilst the crowds of hundreds lined up and waited to enter the annual concert. Amongst these select few was an up and coming singer/song writer, Amika Barnett, who is currently on the road to a bright and successful future in the music industry. Today I interviewed this lovely girl to find out her personal experience of the event and what inspired her in the first place to start singing.

Showreel 2014

I decided to create just a short quick showreel of some of the things I had filmed last year. I hope that this year I will become a lot more advanced in my filming and editing and will produce an even better and in-depth showreel by the end of 2015! 

Clothes Show Live 2014 Highlights!

On the 6th and 7th of December with BOA TV I attended the Clothes show Live 2014 in Birmingham as part of the press. This wasn’t my first year going as I have been going every year for about 6 years, it’s almost a tradition. When I arrived the first day at the press office I was surprised to see how many famous faces I already spotted. From Internet star Alfie Deyes (pointless blog) to reality star Amy Childs. Straight after collecting my pass I was off to the main show and opening it up was in my eyes Youtube’s best dressed male, Jim Chapman. He announced the singing act at the start who this year happened to be Stereokicks who were in the UK’s version of the Xfactor and they were amazing! The main fashion show then commenced and it was a nice surprise to realise the theme this year was New York which I found quite exciting as it reminded me that in February 2015 I myself will be traveling to the “big apple”!
The clothes show catwalk I think personally is one of the best. I think this is because it’s not just about the fashion but about the entertainment factor. The models are so talented and full of personality and they really bring it to the catwalk and I feel this is one of the main reasons I get so excited to go every year!
This year I tried to capture what I love in the clothes show and squash it all into a minute and twenty-one seconds and you can see this in my YouTube video. I hope you enjoy it and if you live in the UK and love fashion, I’ll hopefully see you next year!


To showcase my passion for photography, mainly at events and concerts, I have now set up an Instagram page purely for this which I will be documenting my progress in my photography journey. A lot of the pictures will consist of music artists but I will also include portraits or other personal pictures I feel are suitable for this page as well. Give it a follow if you’re interested and I hope you enjoy!


Luke Friend Adventure

 In 2013 a 17 year old scruffy looking boy auditioned for The XFactor UK not knowing that out of thousands that auditioned he would come 3rd and it would change his life forever. Luke Friend is one of my favourite up and coming artists because I love his quirky style and unique voice. So when I found out he was going to be busking around the UK I instantly knew I had to go! On the 5th of October 2014 Luke tweeted he was going to be busking in Birmingham sometime that day so I called my friend Lauren and we were off on the first train to Birmingham to wait for him to tweet where he will be and when.

We spent the day doing what any other teenage girl would do in Birmingham Bullring, SHOPPING SPREE!

So after spending all our money on food clothes and more food I looked at my phone to find a notification from Luke with a picture of the location he will be busking at and it just so happened to be a 10 minute walk away outside of the Birmingham Library.


Luke Friend’s tweet

Mission find Luke was on!

If you know me you will know exercise and physical activity isn’t exactly high on my priority list in life but I was so excited to see and hopefully meet Luke that I ran so fast that by the time I got to the library I was surprised I hadn’t had a heart attack. The only thing that kept me going was the adrenalin and excitement of the fact I was finally going to see someone I absolutely adore!

We sat down on the benches and waited for Luke, then we heard the screams. We turned around the see Luke walking through town with his guitar in one hand, a water bottle in the other and the cheesiest grin i’ve ever seen slapped right across his face, followed by around 20 other girls just as excited as I was to see him ( I guess that explains the grin on his face! ).

We tagged along at the back of the line to where he lead us to a bench that he used as his “stage” (keeping it classy) then he started singing.

Listening to music is one of the things I love to do no matter where I am or how i’m feeling but to listen to music live is something else. It’s so much more raw and magical and you feel like you can connect to the artist so much better.

Luke was such a genuine nice guy who (not like most artists these days) can actually sing well live! I love how there were only around 20 of us in total so it felt so much more intimate and personal and he even asked us for song requests we wanted him to sing.


P1020727 P1020728 P1020730 P1020732 P1020733

After he sang around 6/7 songs he then asked if we wanted to take pictures, which we obviously did, so we made a line and waited for our turn.


My friend Angelina couldn’t be there so I decided I was going to surprise her by getting Luke to make a small video message for her.

So we got to the front of the line and I ran up and swung my arms around him, he hugged me back and I told him how nice it was to meet him and finally listen to his music live. We continued to take many selfies …



and then I told him about my friend Angelina and he gladly made a short but very sweet video for her!

We said our goodbyes and had one final hug and I can honestly say it was such a lovely and relaxed experience and if he ever goes on tour I will be sure to get tickets!

How the media impacts me

I use the media every single day of my life, have that be through reading the newspaper, watching the television or going on social networking sites etc. I couldn’t imagine my life without it. Its how I stay informed about things going on around the world. Without media I wouldn’tbe able to keep in contact with my friends in Norway and America and my family in Italy; before you would have to write letters that would take weeks too arrive but now at a click of a button through social media you can instantly talk to anybody around the world!

When you don’t find me working on a short film project I will most likely be watching fellow amateur short film makers on YouTube. My favorites include Sawyer Hartman and Bertie Gilbert. I will consume at least 2 hours a day of YouTube videos as they are my main inspiration and so entertaining! I would say I watch more YouTube in a week than I do Television.

To conclude all I can really say is that I’m so thankful media exists, without it I wouldn’t be able to go to BOA and do this amazing course and then go out into the world and do what I truly love.YouTube-logo-full_color